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Your destination for quality pre-owned vehicles in Cleveland, Ohio! Visit us today or call us at (440) 296-9888!

Facility and Location

The ideal facility offers comfort and convenience. With a huge climate controlled showroom, you don't need to worry about Cleveland weather. Our location mirrors what you would expect to see at a franchised new car dealership, with a few key exceptions...


We devote more of our resources and knowledge to the selection of inventory than anything else. In fact, we consider purchasing less than 10% of the vehicles that cross our path. Only when the desired mix of quality, condition, AND value are achieved will a vehicle be offered for sale by Power Auto Brokers. When you're considering one of our vehicles, you can rely on our expertise to know that you're receiving the bang-for-the-buck you seek and deserve.

Power Price

For most consumers, the process of "negotiating" has been identified as the worst part of purchasing a vehicle. We couldn't build a better dealership without eliminating this issue. As mentioned above, our process begins by selecting vehicles that offer a level of value that meets our high standards. We establish the value of a vehicle by carefully evaluating its condition relative to those in the market. The relative condition and supply of this vehicle is then compared to similar models available for purchase, recent transactions, and trusted valuation tools to determine a market value. We then offer each vehicle for a fast and easy purchase BELOW this figure. That's the Power Price.


We don't have a traditional sales staff at Power Auto Brokers. Due to our aggressive pricing and inventory selection strategy, our vehicles essentially sell themselves. You won't find a large staff of people trained to sell you a car. Instead, you'll see something much different. A much smaller number of individuals with the experience and know-how to help you. They know the cars, the banks, and have the skill set necessary to assist with molding the vehicle you want with your budget.

Financing FAQs

We have the knowledge, experience, and inventory to overcome credit challenges. Rather than lure you in with a promise, we would rather show you what we can offer. Choose the car you like and we'll do our best to help you get it on terms you can afford. By staying focused on helping our core customers, we're able to provide excellent service and offer a positive purchase experience.

We work with a carefully chosen set of lenders and have MANY programs to help you get financed on the car you want. With so many different finance options for us to explore, it's almost impossible to come up with one specific number to answer this question. Our first priority is helping you get an approval that fits your budget.

Believe it or not, we've been able to help people secure bank financing...even when they thought it would be impossible.

Moving past this fact, we do have options that completely work around the need to involve your personal credit.

In some cases, we are able to use bank statements in order to prove income. Other times, we are able to proceed with just stated income, no further proof required.

We don't promise that any person can buy any car they want. The more realistic the expectations, the more likely we are to get something done.

Our abilities, relationships, and tools have been able to help many people through tough times. Rather than offer promises of 'guaranteed approval,' we'll say this... It's uncommon for us to come up with less than a few approval options.

Take a look at our inventory and read about our experience and philosophy. It's free to try us and we will do our best to help you in the most efficient way possible. We sincerely value and look forward to the chance at working for you.

Yes. In addition to traditional lender financing, we have in-house financing solutions.

Yes. We have prime lenders and offer competitive terms and rates for top tier credit.

We allow up to $5,000 to be paid on a credit card. Deferred payments and installment payments by credit card are also offered in certain cases.

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